Decentralised Support
for the crypto ecosystem

Democratising access to crypto wealth
through the first DeSup service.


Crypto is great, but still hard to understand & use

Crypto currency represents the opportunity for transfer of wealth on a scale never seen before... But right now, only the lucky (or knowledgeable) can benefit!

The problems persist...

For the masses
For the masses
High rewards drive high risk
Hard to distinguish between the legitimate and the scams
Trustworthy, impartial, 1:1 advice and support is hard to access
For Novices
For Novices
Very limited 1:1 support available on the basics of how to access crypto
No support on technical issues, e.g. safely transferring wallet
Creates barriers to adoption, and therefore limits access to decentralized wealth
For Professionals
For Professionals
Highly dynamic market - no central data source
Requirement for time-sensitive delivery of key advice or intelligence
Requirement to corroborate intelligence across respected sources to mitigate risk
Decentralized Support
for the crypto marketplace
Free basic advice for all / for life via Chat interface
PAYG access to advisors bookings (paid by the minute)
Guaranteed responses from top tier experts (Pro account)
Subscriber access to Live events (Pro account)
Advisor trust ratings & topic leaderboards
SLICE token incentives for top rated Advisors
$DeSup will launch as an ERC 20 token
Early token supply
Users can purchase $DeSup via centralized or decentralized exchanges (with variable vesting conditions). Advisors will earn $DeSup for advice on a per minute basis, with value determined according to their level of expertise.
Future usage
It is The Cake’s vision that from Y2, $DeSup may be utilized in the provision of decentralized support service across the crypto ecosystem. $DeSup may therefore be deployed onto other networks and integrated with other reputable products in future as required.
Utility value
Tokens play a major role in the functioning of The Cake ecosystem, and are intended to be used solely as the prime utility token on the network, used to pay for chargeable 1:1 support minutes.
Medium of exchange
Tokens are a non-refundable, time-bound functional utility token which will act as a medium of exchange on The Cake.
The Team
Ben Appleby
Founder & CEO
Designed and built digital apps & services for 20 years, Ben became involved in crypto in 2013 and was also the first person to use a crypto ATM in Europe.
Arturs Garais
Chief Operating Officer
Problem-solving mindset and business-oriented approach. He's now bringing his 8+ years of management experience and best practices from Amazon & Caterpillar to blockchain space.
Aleks Zapiec
Chief Marketing Officer
Web3 enthusiast and Tech Savvy. 10+ years in digital marketing. She worked for The ING, wikifolio Financial Technologies, Mercer, Accenture, and many more.

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