Cake Advisor Profiles: Chris Quinn – a bright mind of the cyber, crypto, blockchain space

We’re always excited to welcome new advisors to The Cake family, never more so when they are as awesome as our newest expert to join the fold. Super-intelligent and a real asset to our community. Chris Quinn is the Crypto Intelligence Engineer at Elliptic, which means he helps to make the crypto economy a safe place to transact and invest as crypto paves the way for a new, digital monetary system.


👋 Introducing our advisor on The Cake, Chris Quinn 📣

Chris’ interests, and also his fields of expertise include:

‣ Cryptocurrencies and Wallets
‣ Cold storage and technologies behind
‣ Security crypto recovery
‣ Dark net markets

He completed a masters in Cyber Security Engineering and a bachelors in Discrete Mathematics at the University of Warwick. If you need help and advice about anything to do with crypto or blockchain security, he is your man.

Not only that, he is also a respected member of The Cake!


💡 Additional info and facts:

A bright, naturally curious and enthusiastic individual with a real interest in new technologies. Passionate about crypto (both -ography and -currency), digital forensics, graph theory and basically all things cyber. He never hesitates from testing, exploring and learning. The author of a unique master’s thesis on the forensic properties of crypto wallets, under which he conducted a lot of research looking into various providers such as, for example trezor, Metamask, the bitbox01 or ether wallet, and put forward many interesting conclusions.


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