Cake Advisor Profiles: Gerardo Saporosi, crypto strategist and mentor

Introducing our Cake advisor, Gerardo Saporosi.

Gerardo has 30+ years experience in the franchise industry, having expanded several local brands worldwide. He is a brand builder with focus in strategic drivers, and a value generator through retail systems. Gerardo has developed new ways of thinking in the franchise industry, and they are highlighted in his four published books, in several academic papers and in his blog on franchising.

More recently he has become interested in cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and all the possibilities that this technology provides for the future. From the beginning of his career, he was involved in tech projects, learning very early to programme computers and successfully implementing industrial controls through computerised systems. He is happy to work in the development of Dapps. Gerardo believes that the world is a huge virtual computer that gives us the possibility of being free as never before at another stage in the history of humanity.

Gerardo is currently fully dedicated to the cryptosphere, as an investor, advisor and mentor of new projects. He is hoping soon to see decentralization as a daily reality. Gerardo specialises in VeChain (VET).

Here’s how Gerardo describes himself…

“I am a theoretical anarchist, a naive believer in a decentralized future world without hierarchies of any kind, in which each individual is the owner of his/her money without intermediaries, and who lives overwhelmed daily by the enormous number of new projects that appear in the cryptosphere”


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