The Cake: blockchain – crypto knowledge, live chat service and a pool of expert advisors

Having worked nonstop for the past few weeks, we are pleased to announce we have accomplished another milestone! The Cake Litepaper is finally here, along with some important details about who we are and where we’re heading.


β€œThe Cake is a gated chat service that provides consumers and businesses with advice from the pool of trusted experts. Our mission is to connect those who have the knowledge with those who need it.”


As you may have read, either in our Newsletters or in one of our blog posts, we’ve been working on the first official version of our Litepaper, applicable to both technical and business details. The final touches are over now, so we want to share this document with you.

This paper describes The Cake projects in some detail, and has been designed for anyone who wishes to discover our story, from the early days to our plans for the future. We suggest both users and advisors read it. Simply speaking it’s for those who are already at least somewhat familiar with our mission, vision and goals, but also those who have heard about The Cake just recently and still wish to learn more.


🍰 Distributed TRUST is what The Cake is built upon 🍰  

Take a look at our high-level plans in the Roadmap. Discover more about our native token, DESUP and its role in the entire project. Meet our partners, friends, our team and its dynamics.

All of this will give you a better feeling of who and what The Cake is, and why we can call ourselves the trusted source for crypto – blockchain knowledge and advice.


Check out the first version of our Litepaper v1.0. (click the image below to enter)


The Cake - Litepaper v1.0.


β€£ If you have more questions, or suggestions for any further changes (the next version of this paper), don’t forget to reach out to us with feedback.

Without your input and support, we can’t improve things.

πŸ“ Email Ben (Founder and CEO) direct –


Empowerment and Crypto-Knowledge: Content published on our website is intended to be used for information and education purposes. Please also keep in mind that presented information is as of a certain date and often based on current market conditions. Thus, it does not constitute financial, legal, accounting or tax advice.

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