Supercharging Crypto with the Power of Artificial Intelligence

No doubt that the advancement in technology has greatly impacted many aspects of our lives; from the way we communicate to the way we earn, work, or play. But also to what interests us and what we are looking for. AI and crypto have become one of the most exciting and rapidly developing fields in the world’s modern history. Since the past few weeks, ChatGPT has been the hottest topic of conversation; no surprise that AI-crypto projects are now getting the attention of many people as well. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular ones. Curious? Here we go!


Ready, Set, Innovate: AI and Crypto Unite ⚡🖥️

Recent development in tech-related fields have opened up a whole new world of opportunities, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible; successfully transforming the way we think, act, and plan things.

In particular, we are thinking about machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which have ‘recently’ taken over many areas as we know; from communication and marketing, logistics, healthcare, governance to the financial space as well. From automated trading bots, through data collection and analytics, up to complex application and decentralized platforms. In fact, many of these ‘novelties’ are the result of the powerful combination of AI and blockchain technology.

Here we’ve compiled a brief overview of some AI-Based Blockchain projects that gained more popularity in the recent weeks and months.

Please note that this article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as an endorsement for any of these projects, nor as an indication to make any investment decisions.


AICrypto Projects on the Rise in 2023

SingularityNET. An online (decentralized) marketplace and a blockchain-based platform that enables its users to monetize data and AI services at scale. A truly advanced tech. As the project describes itself, their “core mission is the development of AGI”; which stands for: Artificial General Intelligence. Shortly speaking, an umbrella term used to describe the goal of creating machines that have a general intelligence to be applied to any task, performed just like by a human.

Seriously, this project is focused on some truly interesting stuff. An advanced technology that one day may revolutionize the entire world.

By the way… Out of the crypto-space, just for a moment… Have you heard of Sophia, the world’s first AI-driven blockchain-powered humanoid robot? Her dialogue skills, as well as her ability to interact with humans in an emotional and pragmatic manner, are in fact powered by SingularityNET AI.


DeepBrain Chain is a blockchain-powered AI computing platform, designed to serve as a decentralized computing environment for AI applications. It seems to provide a secure, low-cost and privacy-protected infrastructure for AI-related computations and data exchanges. You can think of it as of a marketplace for developers and organizations to buy and sell AI computing resources and services. The project that aims to build “the most important computing infrastructure in the era of AI + Metaverse”.


Cortex. A public blockchain infrastructure, a peer-to-peer platform, that aims to bring the functionality of AI to smart contracts. Sounds complicated? Well, just in case it does…

Put simply, Cortex is a kind of platform; or to be precise, “a stand-alone public chain, on which AI developers can store their models”. It provides a transparent way to share AI algorithms and data, allowing developers to build more accurate AI models, to create smart contracts and AI-powered decentralized applications (dApps).


✅ And finally, the last project from today’s main list. Ocean Protocol. A project with a deep background in big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence and data exchanges. As you can read on their website “Ocean Protocol is a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer.” Since not everyone in the crypto-space is a fan of the very ‘famous group’ gathering in Davos, we won’t go any deeper into this project. If you‘re eager to learn more about it, simply check out their website. And decide what’s its ‘super-power’ yourself.

To be honest, we only mention it in this article because of the sudden interest it has recently garnered; yet no more or less than the other projects listed above or below.


Some other AI-Crypto / Blockchain projects to mention: Matrix AI, Artificial Liquid Intelligence, Project PAI… and a few others that we could have been added here as well. We may explore more in the next article, one day.


Breaking the Barriers: From Niche to the Mainstream 🤸🏻🚧

Though AI-crypto projects began to gain traction already a few years ago, more or less in 2017, it was only recently that many of them got really noticed. Or rather they got  ‘noticed again’.

Their popularity has risen like a phoenix, thanks to the recent surge of interest in AI-related topics sparked by the release of the widely-discussed AI chatbot… The very same you’ve probably read about many times by now, or maybe you’ve even tried it yourself as well.

Undoubtedly, ChatGpt captivated the entire world, not only those passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence, but apparently crypto enthusiast as well.


Anyway. We came to the end of this article…

We hope you enjoyed it and that you learned something new today.

All in all, seems that the power of AI and cryptocurrencies synergize well. The combination of these two could potentially create new markets and industries, as well as provide interesting opportunities for crypto-investors. Yet! Keep in mind, please that exploring new and complex topics can be exciting … but it’s important to be aware of the potential risks. Before making any plans or taking any financial decisions, always make sure you‘re always one step ahead by doing your own research. Whatever and whenever: DYOR! Knowledge and understanding are the keys to success.


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