Women and the power of Blockchain

Blockchain clearly has the potential to become one of the most disruptive technologies across the globe, given its usability, capacity, and scalability. This amazing technology at the heart of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, enables extensive and complex applications and also empowers individuals through all the possibilities it offers. Those already created, like decentralized finance or fast and reliable way to transmit information, or these not created yet that will include all kinds of transactions and interactions. In this article, we want to focus on how blockchain is possibly helping gender equality. Or what opportunities it brings for women, to be precise. Curious? Read on and enjoy!


“Blockchain & crypto provide a new way for women around the globe to build their wealth and finally gain control of their finances.” – Ben Appleby, CEO & founder of The Cake


The fact that blockchain enabled the whole crypto movement, that consequently takes power away from big corporations and places it in the hands of users across a decentralized network, already makes it a game-changer in the tech space.

But it’s much more than just the sheer potential of the technology. Not many people realize that the blockchain could further close the gap in the gender divide by empowering women with greater financial inclusion, advancing them and unlocking their full potential, as well as simply connecting single individuals with broader communities around the world. At the end of the day, thanks to the “freedom” it offers, blockchain enables anyone – regardless of their gender and socioeconomic background, to learn from and about it, to access it and fully participate.
As a result of its decentralized features, financial products and services are more accessible to a larger group of people — including women. Also, the growth and scale it brings could potentially disrupt global industries in a way that positively empowers and benefits women moving forward. By creating many new “tools”, means and completely new job opportunities. Recent years have shown an increase in the number of female investors and traders. But also analysts, developers, artists, journalists, speakers, educators and advisors. Influencers and active advocates. Entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders. All this thanks to and through the amazingly powerful technology that is blockchain.


💪  Addressing the Gender Bias ♀️

As an open source which is public, transparent and available for anyone who wants to participate – blockchain has the potential to tackle inequality in varying respects. Whether it be through social class, race, or gender. In its decentralized form, it can somehow “democratize” many aspects of our lives, eliminating not only the middle-man but also removing any possible discriminatory biases.

One of the biggest struggles of modern women these days is gaining financial independence in a patriarchal society. Because of cultural pressures, social roles, and biases, a lot of women are still forced to depend on men for financial support. According to many sources still around 42% of women around the world don’t have their own bank accounts. Many of them still believe they have no chance to ever build and control their own financial future.

Little by little, blockchain and other technological advancements it brings, are opening the doors for women to achieve their financial freedom. Especially decentralized finance (DeFi) and many of its applications (indeed, built through the blockchain) are making it easier for women to invest, trade, lend, and borrow money for their own financial aspirations. As well as to build, manage and control their wealth.


💸 Job Advancement, Communities and Ownership 🚀

Another relevant issue plaguing people these days has to do with limited ownership, scattered chances and long-term job insecurity, with women in particular being on the losing end of that stick.

As the world slowly adopts blockchain technology, many complicated, expensive and highly bureaucratic transactions can be significantly reduced, or eventually, as we progress, even fully eliminated. As a result, women have a vast range of new chances and opportunities, not only to engage in certain activities on their own but also to connect powers within a bigger group of people to finally try on things they were only dreaming of before.

Women typically have a more difficult time reconciling their personal and professional lives, and sometimes, even to take on any activities related to permanent employment. More than anything, blockchain has opened up a world of new opportunities, not only for people in the finance and tech spaces. After all, let’s not forget that newly emerging (yet to mature and develop) web3 space, i.e. the idea of a decentralized internet, is indeed based on the blockchain technology. And here women are already playing many important roles. Both when it comes to NFTs and Metaverse, but also building wide communities – such as with a focus on education, sharing experiences, changing and improving the art and fashion industries, for example.

Therefore, the possibilities offered by blockchain itself and other solutions related to it give women almost endless possibilities. Job prospects, monetization of their talents and passions, but also an impact on further development and finally their own future.


🤝 Empowered Women Empower Women, and so do we – The Cake 🍰

Our project’s mission is to connect people who have the knowledge with those who need it.  There are already over 70 advisors on The Cake, 17% of which are women. We would be more than happy to increase this part, since we strongly believe in the female spirit of the blockchain space. In conclusion we would like to quote some important words from one of The Cake’s female powers:

“While women’s interest and engagement in blockchain technology are increasing every day, the education gap persists.” Aleks Zapiec, CMO of The Cake

Thus, bring your knowledge to the table by joining us! Use your unique expertise in crypto and technology, but also Web3, NFTs or the Metaverse. Help others and get rewards.

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