Cake Advisor Profiles: Maya Middlemiss– a talented writer, story-teller, podcaster and journalist

Recent years have shown an increase in the number of female investors and traders. But also analysts, developers, artists, journalists, speakers, educators and advisors. Influencers and active advocates. Entrepreneurs, founders and business leaders. Today we’re proudly introducing one of them. A talented writer and bitcoin advocate. An inspirational woman and a valued member of The Cake!


👋 Introducing our advisor on The Cake, Maya Middlemiss 📣

Blockchain enthusiast, bitcoin advocate, and content strategist. Fascinated by futurism, but also the power of blockchain and crypto, committed to explaining their mysteries to the world. She seamlessly combines her writing talent, spoken lightness and brightness with extensive industry experience to support projects that build their future on blockchain technology. In this way, she not only shares interesting stories of people building this new digital world but also makes people aware of important issues and potential risks, explains, advises and educates.

Maya is a brilliant writer and storyteller, experienced podcaster and already recognized journalist who, thanks to her many talents and passion, supports the whole crypto-blockchain space.

Therefore, we are delighted to have her on The Cake board as well.


💡 Additional info and facts:

Maya is a freelance commercial writer, fascinated by the power of blockchain and crypto, committed to communicating and their mysteries to the bigger space. She is working with various clients around the world to tell their stories and spread the word about cryptocurrency (particularly Bitcoin) and the value it brings.

She is the author of ‘the bitcoin novel’, (first principles primer, disguised as a psychological thriller), Beyond The Chain, as well as a range of business and industry titles.

She is the host of the Crypto Confidence Podcast, in which navigating through new technologies, she is aiming to explain the changes that the blockchain and crypto-economy is going to bring to us.

As for technology (blockchain and above), she believes in fairness, the importance of education and informed usage. A few years ago, she decided to start working remotely and move to Spain. She provides valuable tips on how to make the most of technology in your personal and professional life.


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