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An insightful discussion with The Cake Advisor Michele “Mike” Zilocchi on the current state of blockchain technology, his personal journey with crypto, and thoughts on the blockchain. In this piece, Mike takes a deep dive into the best ways that novices can dive into the world of cryptocurrencies for the first time along with other tidbits of wisdom. Read on. And enjoy!


Michele Zilocchi: For sure the Visionary type. But also a hard worker, a painless dreamer and an achiever. And above all, a respected member of The Cake! Michele wears many hats in the crypto space. He is a crypto-business developer, and business consultant. A mining farm deployer, entrepreneur, and trader. He also likes to describe himself as “an engineer by instruction, and crypto-professional by inspiration”. 



Thanks to his extensive experience, logical thinking, and patience, he is always able to help others to understand the risks and opportunities awaiting them. By answering specific questions, providing fundamental knowledge, and explaining important steps, by teaching, and mentoring, he really enlightens others on the way to success. Earlier this month, he agreed to give us a brief interview so you could learn more about him and his “crypto-blochain story”.


🙋 How did you first start getting interested in the field of blockchain and crypto❓

📍 Michele: While I was graduating, still in 2013, I rather dreamed of working in an international company. You know, something known and dynamically growing. With lots of entrepreneurs, challenging projects, and big-scale tasks. Back then, I knew little about crypto, but funny enough, exactly that dream led me to where I am today. My first conscious exposure to crypto was in 2017. I got inspired by some entrepreneurs, and finally decided to get deeper into this field. I started with speculative endeavors before moving toward business structuring and eventually specializing in specific areas. Like mining, tokenomics, security, storage options. And many – many more.


🙋 What do you like most about blockchain technology❓

📍 Michele: I like the democracy, transparency, and automation of processes. I truly believe in communities self-managing themselves in a ‘completely democratic’ way. This is especially true with how Web3 (or maybe even soon Web5 or Web7) is bringing back some control to the final user. Blockchain makes it possible thanks to its transparency and immutability features. Aside from that, I also believe that NFTs have an interesting potential for use. Digital and certified representations, to be exact. However, they are also great for trademarks, usability rights, and exclusive access to clubs and tools to create a quantification for P2E mechanisms and other Web3 applications.


🙋 How did you end up working with The Cake ❓

📍 Michele: Actually, it wasn’t that long ago. I got in touch with Ben, the founder and CEO of The Cake, in October 2021. When Ben explained to me his project and his idea, I loved it from the beginning.

And as you know, a lot happened during this time. Both in the crypto-blockchain space, and in The Cake itself. Let’s take, for example, this “crypto winter”, the prolonged bear market of the past few months. Despite many challenges, I don’t regret anything. It looks like I have found exactly what I was looking for.


🙋 In fact, not the best of times. But it’s a journey, not an end point yet. As somebody said once: “In cryptocurrency investment, long-term thinkers are less stressed”. Now let’s move on to the next question. Could you please describe yourself as an advisor on The Cake❓

📍 Michele: Like you said, my expertise lies in several topics. As a Crypto Expert (ICO-Bench Certified) I’m involved in various investment fields, connecting crypto with, for example, real estate, financial trading, betting and so on. As an advisor, I’m ready to provide my expertise for innovative ICO-projects, helping them with tokenomics, security, business strategy and optimization. But individuals interested in trading can also drop me a message. I’ll more than happy to help.


🙋 Great, thanks a lot! And the final question now. What are your 1-3 top tips for crypto – blockchain beginners❓

📍 Michele: Ah, there would be many of them. But the most important are:

‣ Study a lot. Find your reliable sources and keep asking yourself questions.
‣ Verify information. That will save you a lot of money.
‣ Do not underestimate what cryptos can do for you in 10 years and do not overestimate what cryptos can do for you in one year. Be patient. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

And remember! Cryptocurrencies are your best chance to save yourselves from inflation…



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