The Recipe for Crypto Cash Flow With Cake

Our CEO, Ben Appleby, recently spoke with James Burnie on the Crypto Cast podcast from gunnercooke.

James is the Fintech partner at gunnercooke and host of the Crypto Cast podcast. He and Ben talk about The Cake providing decentralised support for the crypto ecosystem. Ben provides an insight as to why he created the Cake and what we do, the biggest hurdles for people generally understanding and accepting blockchain and crypto, as well as what tips he has for those trying to get into blockchain and crypto.

Ben talks about countries with broken economies where the system can’t provide financial services for the people such as Venezuela, Nigeria, Lebanon, Argentina where people need crypto to be able preserve capital and trade freely. There are also people who would like to get into crypto but are afraid of scams as they hear so much about that on social media and in the news, that is exactly why Ben started The Cake.

Later in the episode, James and Ben also touch on DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations), and what role they see these entities playing, and why would someone set up a DAO rather than just a traditional company?

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