The Cake Monthly – April, 2022

For those who have not subscribed to our newsletter yet, we have prepared a monthly recap. Here, we want to briefly highlight our achievements of the previous month, and dive deeper into the latest developments, our performance, as well as to present our plans for the near future.


Table of Contents

► Highlights of the month
► Ahead of the curve
► We’ve been there
► Work in Progress


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📣 Meet our new experts 📣

Matt Green joined our pool of trusted advisors last month.

He is a Crypto, IP, Tech and Commercial Lawyer, specialized in intellectual property, regulatory advice and crypto asset recovery. He is ready to advice you on all many legal aspects related to the crypto -blockchain space.

‣ You can live chat with Matt, or leave him a message – here on our platform:


🍰 Highlights of the month 🍰

✅ Together with our partners & friends from the web3 space, we’re planning many exciting Twitter spaces in the upcoming weeks.

✅ Trends, unique insights, valuable tips on NFTs, virtual worlds, DeFi gaming, and other blockchain related areas. Our first Twitter space, along with Tara Annison explaining more about the Metaverse, went really well. If you missed it, you can play it back.

✅ Our next Twitter space, run together with Charlotte Wise (CEO & Co-Founder of Flying Fox) was about DeFi Gaming and the Future of Education. If you missed it as well, don’t worry! Simply play it back here.

✅ We’re working full time to prepare for the seed investment round (Q3 2022). This will not only help us expand market reach but mostly raise funds to grow and expand – improving our our platform even faster for you.

 🙌 Staying ahead of the curve, for and with you 🚀

We’ve been networking and pitching at some important industry events, building up new partnerships, and finally strengthening business relations within the web3 – blockchain space.  All to make The Cake the very best, and most trustworthy, decentralised support for the crypto ecosystem.

As a result of this we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Shefan Pro, who are a fully rounded blockchain ecosystem built on trusted global resources. They are known for promoting women in blockchain, while finding ways for people and businesses to connect. Learn more about them on their website.

Meanwhile we’ve also started publishing content from our advisors. With this we aim to educate people and encourage crypto and blockchain learning, but we also want to highlight our knowledgeable experts, tell the world what they do and increase their visibility. Take a look at this article about privacy coins written by The Cake Advisor, Brendan Byrne.

‣ If there are specific topics you’d like us to talk about more – let us know and we’ll make sure we cover these topics in written and video form.


📍 We’ve been there 🗓️

We are constantly meeting with potential investors and partners. New advisors and prospective users of The Cake. We feel this is such a vital part of what we do as it enables us to scale and grow. Therefore, we are able to provide you with the most reliable, up-to-date crypto-blockchain support.
Here is a short rundown of the most important events we were taking part in last month:

‣ April 06, 2022 – DLT Lounge meetup

The first event of many, hosted by DLT Lounge, covering a wide range of Web3-related topics. From NFTs, Gaming and the Metaverse, to Blockchain, DeFi and DAOs. To see what the event looked like, check out this short video above.

‣ April 21, 2022 – Coinriot hangout

We also attended the Blockchain Hangout hosted monthly by Coinriot, where many crypto – blockchain professionals talk about leading industry trends, solutions and developments.  Our CEO gave an insightful talk about DAOs and The Cake being a decentralised support for the crypto ecosystem


‣ April 26, 2022 – The House of Lords

On this day, which can be recorded not only as the biggest event of the year for The Cake, but also as a milestone in the history of the UK. Our founder & CEO, Ben Appleby, had the honor to address Manzila Pola Khan Uddin, at the House of Lords. He shared the story of The Cake, and talked about the importance of education as the key to crypto adoption in the UK and the rest of the world.

‣ April 27, 2022 – Spectrum NFT Event

We attended an exclusive party introducing soon-to-be-launched SpectrumNFT. A spectacular Web3 & digital art oriented project, an innovative NFT Marketplace created by artists for artists. If the NFT topic sounds interesting for you – check, and make sure to follow them on socials, to stay up to date and to connect with their community.

Spectrum NFT Event

🏗️ Work in Progress 💼

Most of our current efforts go into raising the capital needed for our further development in terms of technology, innovation, and human power.

Additionally, we are working on both major and minor website fixes to make your experience as smooth as possible. Please be patient with us.

In the meantime, as we aim to be the most trusted source of knowledge and advice, we will continue to attend meaningful blockchain – crypto oriented events to keep up with industry trends, expand our connections, and build new partnerships.



Thanks to all for your help and involvement. We look forward to our continued growth and success!

Don’t forget to reach out to us with feedback on the service as without your input and support we can’t improve things.

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🍰 The Cake Team

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