The Cake Monthly – May, 2022

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Many people (possibly you too) are feeling worried and confused, especially if it’s their first bear market. But you know what, you’re not alone. Such a situation can pull confidence down even among “seasoned players”.  To help you go through this period more calmly, thanks to knowledge and experience  – the current issue of our newsletter will differ slightly from previous ones. Today we will bring you even more useful tips to guide you through this bear market.


Table of Contents

► The long term plan
► Knowledge and research
► Stay ahead
► Work in progress


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👀 We know that watching the markets is quite stressful these days…

Calm down. Keep your eyes open & focus on the long term plan. 

In cryptocurrency investment, long term thinkers are less stressed”- as Olawale Daniel, a firm believer of innovation and technology, a deep-hearted crypto investor, once said. And we’ll seal it with some extra tips for you.

‣ Revise your goals and risk tolerance. 

‣ Make conclusions and maybe even notes. Use these thoughts when the uptrend comes.

‣ Maintain perspective, and look ahead for long-term investments (the downtrend won’t last forever).


🗺️ Remember that it’s a journey, not an end point yet.

Don’t get sucked into negative thoughts, and spend some time on extra knowledge and research. 

In all seriousness (and our pool of trusted experts) we’re here for you. To explain, help and to advice about anything crypto and blockchain. Don’t hesitate to speak to one of our expert advisors if you need us. 

Simply find the one that fits the topic you’re interested in and use our Live Chat service or leave them a message. 

😑 Don’t panic and avoid hasty decisions.

Bull” & “bear” markets are a natural ebb and flow. A strong downtrend with consistent price declines is often characterized by waning investor interest, but also a looping of negative information that leads to even wider panic. Don’t follow such a mood. Forget “the reds” for a while and use this time to learn. Refresh the fundamentals. Study in depth something you didn’t have time for before. 


✅ Take a look at our blog, where not only The Cake Team ourselves, but also many of our 70 expert advisors publish simple but vital tips. 

✅ To divert attention from the gray mood which for many was brought by the current market situation, we want to share with you the fruits of The Cake first Litepaper. In the last newsletter, we mentioned that we are working on such document. Today it’s time to show you it live. Just have a look: Litepaper v1.0.

We’d be very pleased to hear your feedback too. Let us know if you have questions, doubts, or maybe even a few suggestions for its further development (Litepaper v2.0). Remember that great things come from many smaller things joining together. Your opinion is very important to us. We really count on you!

✅  And to get to know us even better – read a short interview with our founder & CEO, Ben Appleby: The Cake in a nutshell & its role in crypto, blockchain and Web 3.0” 

Ben Appleby and his crypto story


 🙌 Staying ahead of the curve, for and with you 🚀

Even though this edition is slightly different from the previous ones, we are not skipping this important section (we grow / scale / develop for you). Today we’re focusing on the core of our projects – building a strong and trusted knowledge base. Namely about our expert advisors.

There are already over 70 of them, all of which provide a diverse range of expertise. Many are respected industry voices, offering a variety of support across a range of topics. Such as, for example:

‣ Buying, selling, managing and storing digital assets

‣ Scam alerts and crypto-security

‣ Tax, regulation and compliance

But also:  Blockchain technology, Web3, NFTs and the Metaverse.

And because 17% of The Cake advisors are women, and you may have already noticed on our socials that in the second half of June we are strongly focusing on #femaleempowerment, below one of our amazing (female) experts. 


Jill Kaur Chartered tax adviser, investor & trusted advisor on The Cake  Jill Kaur

A wonderful and ambitious woman fascinated by blockchain technology.
A Chartered Tax Professional passionate about helping others in this new & challenging tax landscape. 

You can live chat with Jill, or leave her a message – on our platform.  

💡 Hint: If the advisor you are interested in is “offline” you can leave them a message. A convenient way to use the knowledge of our experts at a time suitable for you.

Last but not least: Whether it is your 1st bear market or not, your 1st reaction should not be panic. In fact, tough times for the  crypto space, but guess what? Nothing (bad) lasts forever. Keep your spirits up. Learn. And no matter what, always DYOR!

‣ As always we invite you to Find an Expert on The Cake by searching a name or a subject in the search bar.


🖱️ Work in Progress 💻

With this release slowly coming to an end, two important updates for you.
You’re probably curious about what’s happening behind the scenes of The Cake beyond the bear market?

We are continually working on the investment seed round. But also establishing new business relationships. Recently we told you about our new affiliate with SheFanPro. Now, without revealing too many details (yet), we just want to point out that The Cake’s strength will soon be combined with a very promising GameFi project as well. More information to follow soon. Be patient with us and stay tuned.


Thanks to all for your help and involvement. We look forward to our continued growth and success!

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🍰 The Cake Team

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