The Cake Monthly – Summertime, 2022

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In fact, there’s never a dull moment in the crypto space. But especially, in the last few months, emotions have been running high for many of us. Despite such a long crypto-winter, this summer has been unusually hot. What an irony. Watching the crypto markets, global politics, and macroeconomics can leave you feeling overwhelmed, worried, and anxious. And you know what? It’s normal. Just like you, we sometimes feel baffled as well. Yet remember, it’s still a journey, not a final destination. Above all, know you aren’t alone.

The heart of our project is the strength of people. It is for a reason that we refer to The Cake as the trusted source for crypto – blockchain knowledge and advice. From the very beginning, and invariably, as we continue to build up, improve and grow. In the current issue of our newsletter, you will find valuable tips on how to handle difficult times, but also what to know, not to forget, and in what direction to broaden your knowledge.


Table of Contents

► The pricing roller coaster
► Distributed TRUST
► The Power of Community


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🎢 The pricing roller coaster

Ongoing inflation reports around the world added to global macroeconomics worries, which of course affects the crypto markets as well. Consequently, Bitcoin saw a nearly 40% drop in June, and Ethereum’s nearly 50%. Additionally, significant troubles faced by some major crypto lending platforms, including Celsius, BlockFi, Voyager, and Vauld taking drastic measures to adapt to the challenging market environment, may have painfully affected your accumulated wealth. The recent mess happening around the Solana project added fuel to the fire as well.

The good news, on the other hand, is that with around a 17% surge – July already became Bitcoin’s best month, so far this year.

However. If you are looking for support or advice (business or individual) related to security, law, regulations, asset recovery or taxes – visit our Search. Our pool of trusted advisors includes many qualified experts in the field of Cyber Security, Asset Recovery, Blockchain Architecture, Storage, Crypto Law and Regulations.

Distributed TRUST is what The Cake is built upon

Handpicked to support the needs of members in the crypto – blockchain – web3 space, trusted Advisors on The Cake provide a diverse range of knowledge and experience. Many are respected industry voices, offering a range of precious support across their stated spheres.

The following list contains a few selected experts, each focusing on a particular niche area (that may, especially these days, be of particular importance to you).


Advisor on The Cake - Brian Sanya Mondoh, Blockchain Lawyer

Brian S. Mondoh

Barrister & Attorney at Law | Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Ethics & Regulation | KYC, Supply Chain and Procurement Expert


The Cake Advisor, Matt Green - Crypto, Blockchain, IP and Tech Lawyer

Matt Green

Crypto and Blockchain Lawyer- London | Asset Recovery, SAFTs and intellectual property rights


Ben Lee - crypto law and VAT, Advisor on The Cake

Ben Lee

Personal & Business Tax, VAT | Forensic Expert Reports (Law courts) | SAFTs, Domestic & International Structuring


Jill Kaur Chartered tax adviser, investor & trusted advisor on The Cake

Jill Kaur

a Chartered Tax Professional that specializes in Tax Dispute and Resolution (UK Law)


David Sime - CEO, Financial Advisor and Crypto Fund Manager

David Sime

Portfolio construction and investment (advising the professional Intermediary market and directly to retail clients)


Shahmeer Amir Hacker - Blockchain expert


M. Shahmeer Amir

Hacking Advisor ( Ethical Hacker) | Cyber Security Advisor | Cyber security researcher and a bug bounty hunter

The list could be much longer, but since you can choose the topic you want directly on our web page, if you haven’t found what you needed in the list above, simply have a look here. Meanwhile, warm welcome to the new member of The Cake – Chris Quinn. A cyber graduate looking into the digital forensics of crypto wallets, now extra deep-diving into the dark and dodgy sides of the internet as well. 📑 You can read more about him in the article on our blog.

The Power of Community

You can also be an active member of The Cake. Use your expertise in Crypto & Digital Assets, Blockchain & Tech, DeFi, Web3, NFTs or the Metaverse to help the community + get rewards!

‣ So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Advisor, create your account free here: SIGN UP 🍰

‣ And if you do not feel like advising others yet, but you have an interesting story related to the areas above, which you would like to share with others – let us know (send an email to

‣ We will be happy to write an article about you, run a Twitter Space together, or do a short interview with you. Besides “free” marketing through our online channels, you’ll also have the chance to meet some part of our team.


Ben Appleby, founder and CEO of The Cake


Thanks to all for your help and involvement. We look forward to our continued growth and success!

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